Invented any words lately?

When I wrote the novel “Spellspam“, the second in my Worldweavers YA series, I was sure that the playful term which I invented – to describe spam which brought real working magic spells into your inbox with predictably chaotic results – would catch on. Alas, it didn’t do as well as I had thought it would.

But another concept from my books did a lot better than that.

jin-shei bao“, sister of the heart, was a term that i invented for my “Secrets of Jin shei” novel… and years after the book’s publication I saw it seamlessly used in a piece of “Firefly” fan fiction written by someone who was obviously a fan — and a complete stranger to me.

Words invented by SF writers

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means

For example:

1) Travesty
What you may think it means:  a tragedy, an unfortunate event
What it actually means:  a mockery; a parody.

10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing    

Weird Books That Really Exist

strange books


For example, there’s this cat book.

And then there is: Liberace: Your Personal Fashion Consultant,  a practical guide for the style-challenged masses. Who wouldn’t want to mix sequins and fringe, stars and argyle, or knee socks and short-shorts like the world’s highest-paid entertainer? And don’t miss, Bodybuilders in Tutus, The New Radiation Recipe Book, the…..


Must reads


Does the middle justify the end?

Reading a poem backward is a distinctive experience, during which you’re typically asking not Where is this going?, but Can the poet justify the finish? In other words, Will the conclusion feel deserved?” — Brad Leithauser

Fascinating musing.

Reading Poems Backward


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