In defense of the semicolon

Kurt Vonnegut called the semicolon a “transvestite hermaphrodite representing absolutely nothing.”

He was wrong, James Harbeck says.

Among the latest shocking news in the world of lexicography is that “tl;dr” has been added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online. This is remarkable for two reasons.

First, it may be the only initialism ever in common use to include a semicolon.
Second, the semicolon is used correctly.

Using the semicolon


There is a craze for “bookshelfies”, pictures of people taken in front of their bookshelves. Michelle Dean isn’t taken by that fad, but finds cats and booksheves much more to her liking.


Cats and books

Letter to a Young Writer: ‘Get Lost’

“In the creative process, the work of art comes from the process,” the instructor told Tom Fields-meyer.

“In other words: The best writing emerges from . . . writing. As I nodded, letting that simple insight sink in, she gave me marching orders: ‘You need to learn to get lost’.”

Writer get lost

31 Day Blog Challenge, #16


Seeing the Earth from space with my own eyes.

But I’ll never do that in this lifetime.

So, barring that…  bringing the best that I can bring to that which I do. And being remembered well.

Twitter, British Airways and lost luggage

Disgruntled British Airway Customer Using Promoted Tweets to Complain About Lost Luggage

Tweeting lost luggage

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