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If you’ve ever been to a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention, you will love this book…Everything you could possibly want in a con is in this book, up to and including the replicators…you will absitively posolutely LOVE this book. This is truly one of the funniest SF books I’ve read in years. “~ Lenora Good, Rainy Day, Amazon

Random, Book 1  The Were Chronicles

Alma Alexander has created a gripping and complicated story of family loyalty and teenage rebellion. [..] An excellent start to a brave new series.” ~ Ysabeau Wilce, award-winning author of the Flora Segunda series

It’s about finding your place in your family, your country, your world. It’s about prejudices, and _human_ rights, and love of your family. It’s deceptively easy to read, because it’s a complex story, clever and intelligent…” ~ Maggie Forest

This kind of YA has depth and resonance and significance…The experience of being an immigrant, the experience of being different, the experience of being treated unfairly by self-righteous authority and being powerless to do anything about it, are all here, beautifully depicted, unflinchingly described, shown with all their terrible consequences.”  ~ Mike Reeves-McMillan

Midnight at Spanish Gardens:

“The ending is deeply poignant, and yet perfectly fitting. This is a beautiful book, elegantly written, with wonderful and memorable characters, and a thought-provoking subtext. It is barely-there fantasy, and would fit comfortably into mainstream literature.” — Pauline M Ross, Fantasy Review Barn

“Alexander’s language is poetic and beautiful…Her characters are utterly compelling … I stood in a doorway…flipping page after page…unable to take the steps that would lead to the end of my reading.” — Alana Abbott

 “An engaging, heartbreaking, challenging, inspiring read!…let it speak to you and move you. You’ll be glad you did. Your life might even change!” — Mir Plemmons

 “…And then there’s the ending…I found it positively haunting. I still think about it.” —M.J. Place

 “It would make a great read for a reading group or book club.” — Leslie Wright, Blogcritics

The Secrets of Jin-Shei:

 “Combine ‘The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood’ with ‘The Joy Luck Club,’ add elements of ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,’ and you have this astonishing novel.”  — China Books

 “This evocative novel is sure to be popular with fans of Amy Tan, Gail Tsukiyama, and even Marion Zimmer  Bradley,”  … a perfect genre-buster…  highly recommended.”  — Library Journal

 “The Secrets of Jin-shei is a complete original — and a completely magical piece of writing.” Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat and Blackberry Wine  

Embers of Heaven:

 Alma Alexander is not a writer, she is a poet. Her writing is lyrical and mesmerizing, evoking a dreamy, otherworldly feel. Her scenes are so beautifully wrought that, due the sheer musicality of her writing, – Ginger Myrick

A retelling of the Chinese Revolution seen through a fantasist’s dark mirror. Syai is not China, but a version of it as might exist somewhere in a parallel universe….A compelling…tale full of revolution, travel, pleasure and heartbreak that kept the pages turning far into the night…A rare treat. – Rachel A Hyde, My Shelf

“Beautifully written, with rich characterisation and captivating originality, it quickly draws you in and is a real page-turner.” — Glasgow Evening Times

“The Last Samurai has nothing on this complex adventure.” Belfast Telegraph

“A beautiful and magical tale of one girl’s quest to restore the secret language of jin-shei and its customs to Syai four hundred years on from its peak. Richly layered with a strong sense of place and wonderfully written characters. Perfect if you enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha.” —

The Hidden Queen / Changer of Days:

 “Powerful characters and a powerful setting help to deliver what I am thrilled to say is a great bloody book.” —Altair

 (Alexander) presents a fully realized, magical world peopled with characters that prove easy to either love or hate, as the situation warrants. She bestows on her readers a few hours of relief from the pressures of mundane life, which is the best gift any author can offer. – Kim D. Headlee  

 WORLDWEAVERS, the series

“…combines elements of magic, culture, and spirituality with a firm grounding in the real world of Thea as she struggles to find her identity in her family and in the world of magic….” —Teri S. Lesesne, VOYA (starred review

“I highly suggest that everyone, especially fans of Harry Potter and books like it, head out to the book store in the near future and pick up this Trilogy.” –-Book Girl Reviews

 “The Worldweavers trilogy is a coming of age story filled with difficult choices and emotional turmoil. It is also about love, faith, the loyalty of good friends, conquering your fears and dealing with the consequences of your actions…(a) vivid and original world…a delightful series” —Dragons, Heroes, and Wizards

 WORLDWEAVERS, the books

1:Gift of the Unmage: “This latest book seems as if it is going to be your standard coming-of-age magician tale, but then you realize it is so much more. It is philosophy, it is science fiction, and it is beautiful.” —Kelly A. Ohlert  

 2:Spellspam: “Ms. Alexander crafts a creative story that keeps the reader engrossed and marveling at the worlds that are created.” – TeensReadToo

3:Cybermage: …an incredibly enjoyable tale that blends reality, legend, and magic …” —Kara Chancellor, Kliatt (starred review)

Letters from the Fire:

 “The book operates on many levels: as one of a new breed of ‘Internet novels’; as an exposition of the ‘other’ point of view; as a story of intense suffering; as a love story; as an infotainment on a serious subject. —  Sydney Morning Herald

 A most amazing book…It brings home graphically the futility and senselessness of war, and what it does to ordinary people, innocent people –  Rosemary McGillicuddy

 The book is … so real that I felt at times as if I was eavesdropping on their conversations and unfolding relationship. It is intensely powerful, emotional and challenging. —  Jan Baughman, Swans

Once Upon a Fairy Tale: Alexander Triads 1:

 One of the things we lose when we grow up is the thrill of reading a new fairy tale because people just don’t write fairy tales for adults. Alma Alexander has. And they’re good. –Stephen J. Walter

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