booksnotbulletsMalala Yousafzai

Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai notes that

Just eight days of military spending could educate the world

To bring attention to that, she has launched the #BooksNotBullets hashtag and asks people to post a photo of themselves holding one of their favorite books and a statement on why they prefer “books not bullets.”

Anyone here want to add their selfie?

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At Buzzfeed, Farrah Penn gives us

11 Charts That Accurately Sum Up Being A Book Nerd
Book nerdSee the rest HERE

At Mental Floss, Jennifer M Wood looks at

11 Famous Books That Have Proven Impossible to Film

Historically, Wood writes, about a third of all Hollywood productions are adaptations of novels, and that over the past three years, at least half of each year’s 10 highest-grossing films have been adapted works.

But just because a book reads well doesn’t mean it will film well (see: Dune), which is why history is filled with much-beloved books that have proven impossible to film (though not always from a lack of trying). Here are 11 of them.Confederacy of DuncesRead the whole story HERE

The Author Who Wrote in Bookstore Windows

Writer in the windowIt was a challenge, a dare, Jake Rossen tells us at Mental Floss.

One by one, the pages went up in the window.

The author started at 1 p.m., craning the necks of passerby outside the shop. They wondered about the man sitting in the window, hunched over a typewriter. It was like a piece of glass that allowed you to see the gears and pistons of a machine.

When the Dangerous Visions bookstore in Sherman Oaks, Calif., closed that day, Harlan Ellison had completed a short story that included a pregnant corpse and three suspects.

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9 of the World’s Most Beautiful LibrariesAdmont Abbey Library, AustriaAdmont Abbey Library, Austria

Indulge your inner bibliophile. Whether you’re a voracious reader or you haven’t picked up a book since college, swoon over these spectacular libraries.

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How well do you remember The Baby-Sitter’s Club books?

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