“The Worldweavers series is a coming of age story filled with difficult choices and emotional turmoil. It is also about love, faith, the loyalty of good friends, conquering your fears and dealing with the consequences of your actions…a vivid and original world…a delightful series” ~ Dragons, Heroes, and Wizards

“…combines elements of magic, culture, and spirituality with a firm grounding in the real world of Thea as she struggles to find her identity in her family and in the world of magic….” ~Teri S. Lesesne, VOYA (starred review

GIFT OF THE UNMAGEGift of the Unmage Book 1

Because of her family lineage, great things had been expected of Thea. But in a magical world, she can’t  do any magic at all

She is sent back in time to learn from Cheveyo, an Anasazi mage, Under his guidance, Thea begins to weave herself a new magical identity, infused with elements of the original worlds.

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SpellspamSpellspamBook 2

What if an email spam promising a clear complexion carried a magic spell and gave you  transparent skin. Or an offer to help you lose weight made you anorexic?

In a desperate battle against a dangerous mage, Thea must make a soul-searing decision in order to save the world.

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CybermageCybermageBook 3

Why is the spirit of Nikola Tesla hidden inside a magical cube?

Why is Thea raiding the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Magic?

Why is everybody chasing pigeons in New York?

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Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic,  Book 4

The hidden ancient and powerful core of human magic has been stolen by the Alphiri and Thea and her friends Nikola Tesla and Corey the Trickster must get it back before it is lost forever.

The powerful conclusion of a girl’s journey into womanhood and into power.

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