Weight of Worlds

A collection of twelve enchanting tales originally published as three separate triads, combined here into the equivalent of a boxed set of three books with bonus stories added.

These are grown-up fairy tales, aimed at the reader who would weep over Oscar Wilde’s breathless stories of magic and cruelty and sacrifice and the transcendent thing that is half grief and half joy. I like my stories as I like my chocolate, dark and bittersweet.Weight of WorldsIn the cover story, we learn of several worlds and their millions of souls lost in a game a chance; in another we encounter the soul of a sinner locked into a stony gargoyle serving out his time in purgatory.  An angel offers a new life to a troubled woman but at a bitter price. A cat battles an evil spirit and then offers a safe house for a troubled child.

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The following Alexander Triads are ebook collections of my short stories.

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Triads 5

As the old song says, love’s pleasures last for a moment… the grief of love lasts for a lifetime. And still. We would not live without it, without the potential to love and to be in love and to be loved. Because love is what gives us strength, and gives us courage. Love is the thing that keeps us alive.

But love is playful, and cunning, and surprising – it comes most often when it is not looked for (and is very good at hiding when it is actively sought…) In the end there is little you can do other than offer up your heart – and believe.

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These are tales of star Out of This Worldflight and of vision.

They are primarily about the people who live in these wondrous new worlds and how they experience their own universe.

We are all, as Oscar WIlde once said, in the gutter – but these are the stories of those who have lifted their faces to the sky and are looking up at the stars.


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A Sense of LoveLove lives in the heart, and in the senses, and it is impossible to completely experience it without closing your eyes and stepping inside it and letting it close above your head like an ocean.

What does it feel like when you are surrounded by the senses that you have freed? How would love taste? How would it feel to the touch? What are the sounds that it whispers into your ear?

Step inside these stories. Begin to glimpse an answer.


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