The Were Chronicles

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The world of Alma Alexander’s YA trilogy is vivid and complex, full of shapeshifting Weres and normal humans living in an uneasy alliance. The Weres are officially tolerated but face constant discrimination and bullying, must carry dehumanizing paw-print identity cards, and are forced to live in isolation or imprisonment during their 3-day Turns.

With increasing tensions between shapeshifters and normals, three young Weres walk a dangerous path with open war suddenly becoming a frightening possibility.

“Alexander has crafted a perfect trilogy.” ~ Janelle Wilbanks

The experience of being an immigrant, of being different, of being treated unfairly by self-righteous authority and being powerless to do anything about it, are all here, beautifully depicted, unflinchingly described, shown with all their terrible consequences.”  ~ Mike Reeves-McMillan


RandomRandom,  Book 1

This is a rare entity, a Were book that is science fiction and not fantasy and the molecular biology is as good as it gets in SF. Read it, you will enjoy it.” ~ Professor Ralph Kirby

Jazz Marsh was part of a Were family of Randoms, shapeshifters who can become any warm-blooded creature which is the last thing they see before they Turn. When Jazz made her first Turn, it was into something that shook her world to its foundations, She changed into a boy.

Still reeling from that, she discovered the hidden diaries of her older sister and uncovered the truth behind her life and her death and the reasons for the behavior of her moody and dangerous brother Mal.

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WolfWolf,  Book 2

When Mal Marsh, the oldest unTurned Were of his generation, was driven by desperation to stop waiting, he made a dangerous choice. He found a way to become a Werewolf, a Lycan.

Once the dominant Were form, wolves are now declining but determined to get back on top — whatever the consequences to both the Were and normal worlds…

unless Mal and his friend Chalky can stop them.

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Shifter cover

ShifterBook 3

Chalky was unique among Were-kind, a true shapeshifter who could turn into anything he liked at any time, regardless the stages of the moon. He was not an accident. He was created.

The secrets that surrounded his past were too well guarded for him to break through until his friend Mal took the chance of becoming a Lycan in order to infiltrate their ranks and find out the truth, They both learned far more than they had bargained for.

Chalky had just wanted to help; instead, he started a war.

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You will never read another shapeshifter book like this. Every surprise will catch you unwary. And, like me, you will find that others will have to pry it out of your fingers.~ Tamora Pierce,  author

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