River is an anthology that I conceived and edited. It is filled with wonderful short stories by some great authors, and a unique Table of Contents.

The RiverRivers have always been very important to humankind. They’ve been explored. They’ve been navigated. They’ve been called gods. They’ve been blessed and cursed and venerated and used and enjoyed and exploited and polluted since the beginning of recorded history. They’ve been sung about and dreamed about and followed on epic journeys of discovery.   But there is only one River. Really. And it’s all of them. Every river is different – and yet they’re all the same, vast and full of life and death and mystery and history and adventure and quiet dreams. Full of life. Full of mystery. Full of stories.

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Children of a Different Sky

Children of a Different Sky cover

“St. Pete will say you can’t come in”

“They change their sky, not their soul, who rush across the sea.” – Horace

There are seven words that underlie the status of any refugee in the world. “There but for the grace of God…”

We can no longer hide from their misery. We see them in overcrowded boats on open seas, see them drowning as they claw to shore, see them crushed against barbed wire. They are hated, feared, unwanted. And those lost people, those dispossessed souls fleeing wars and other madness, could just as easily be ourselves someday.

This collection of short stories explores in fantasy the despair of losing children and parents, the bitter loss of homes and homelands. From worlds inhabited by witches and mermaids to nearly-real worlds barely dusted with magic, these stories hold a mirror up to one of the biggest tragedies of our era.

This is the gift that speculative fiction offers. Understanding pain and loss is much easier when seen through that thin silver tissue of lies that is fantasy. Shimmering behind the veil is the emotional truth, the human truth.

Authors like Jane Yolen, Seanan McGuire, Marie Brennan, Brenda Cooper, Pat McEwen, – as well as some writers whose very first published story appears here, make up this anthology.

“St. Pete will say/…/Youre laden with/The worst of sin/Your door was closed/You can’t come in”

These lines from a poem by Yolen, “Song for an Immigrant”, give the spirit of this remarkable collection.

The first story, by Aliette de Bodard, begins:

“In Vy’s world there is only the road.”

And includes this moving passage:

“…All they’ve left on the road’s side, the photographs and the jewels and the sandalwood box holding useless visitors cards from dead people — and everything they bought hits her like a spike through the heart.”

These stories tell the sometimes bitter, sometimes transcendent truth. This is one of the most luminous collection of stories you will ever read. Some of them will stick with you forever.

Don’t miss out; buy your copy today.

All profits go to organizations helping refugees.



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