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Who is this authorYou may know these famous authors by their words…but how well do you know their faces? BuzzFeed wants to know.
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The Secret Message Hidden in Abraham Lincoln’s Pocket Watch

The watch was being repaired by a jeweler on April 13, 1861. He was about to put the watch back together when he heard that shots had been fired on Fort Sumter. He scratched a message of support inside before finishing.

“That’s Lincoln’s watch and my ancestor put graffiti on it,” the jeweler’s great-great-grandson said.

The graffiti in Lincoln’s watch

Terrifying Lake Turns Birds Into Statues

If I wrote a story like this, it would likely get sent back with a rubber stamp that told me to think of something a little more plausible. And yet it’s the truth.
Calcified eagleLake Natron is an insidious ​trap for the birds of northern Tanzania: The terrifying lake turns to stone all birds that are foolish enough to immerse themselves or unlucky enough to fall into its deceptive water.

Deadly lake

What does your coffee say about you?

Cappuccino-lovers are more likely to be obsessive, the Daily Mail says, tongue in cheek, I presume,while latte drinkers try to please others. Black coffee drinkers like things simple, but can also be quiet and moody

For the record, I’m a latte drinker when I can get it.

Coffee drinkers

Calling all novelists

Trendy Hotel Wants You to Finish Your Novel in One of Their Rooms

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