Tea with the Duchess... 'Tis the Season :)

Back with you, in an end-of-year edition with various news of things that have just happened and hints of what is to come. And Christmas really is coming. Read on down for something about that...

But first - I would like to welcome those who are here by virtue of having supported the Children of a Different Sky crowdfund. I hope that you will choose to continue to receive this infrequent and hopefully unobtrusive newsletter about all my news - including the crowdfund just past, and hopefully maybe more in the future. But, as always, if you feel you have landed here in error ping me and I will take necessary steps. In the meantime, welcome all - and let me use this occasion to once again thank you for helping to make this anthology (now apparently known to all and sundry as COADS) come to life.

And now, the news.


The Writing Life

So. Current state of play.

My latest novel, "Wings of Fire",is out and available now. You can get it at Amazon, in paperback, or you can get it in ebook format (Kindle AND other) at the Book View Cafe store. The  Goodreads page for it is up, too - and if you pick it up and like it reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreadscontinue to be GREATLY appreciated!

In other writing news, I'm doing all sorts of things but I have a feeling I need to focus my efforts. I have at least three novel projects on the go - one of them started pretty oddly, as in it came to me in a SERIES of interlocking dreams - and that one's something new again, more of a literary horror novel rather than the kind of thing I usually write. Don't worry, no gore, no guts. But watch for surprise attacks... more about that, anon. But let me just circle back to the anthology I spoke about in my last newsletter.  "Children of  Different Sky"  is now out (look it up on Amazon!) with its TOC that includes Aliette de Boddard, Seanan McGuire, Brenda Cooper, Irene Radford, Jacey Bedford, Gregory Norris, Randee Dawn, Marie Brennan, Pat McEwen, Jouce Reynolds-Ward, and Jane Yolen. This is a FANTASTIC collection, and all profits from its sales are going directly to two charities: International Medical Corps and teh Center for New Americans in Massachussets. Like I said before, if you invest in ONE story collection this year, make it this one. It's fantastic, there are pieces in here that are heartbreaking, and you will be buying a fabulous book AND contibuting to a good cause... and it makes for a perfect present, too, because you are effectively giving TWO - one, a fabulous book, and two, because all profits go to help people who need it the most and you have purchased a book in someone's name then BOTH of you share in the good karma. This is a good thing. Go get a copy now. :) (and remember to tell others about it...)

But as a side-offering, and partially inspired by that collection, I have just released a 9000--or-so-word story in four parts, called "Ever After".The premise here is, what if your familiar pretty princesses of the fairy tales you know so well... were refugees? it's a four-parter and the four parts - Princess of Ashes, Princess of Pain, Princess of Dreams and Princess of Lies - map onto Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, respectively. I'll make no bones about it - these are BRUTAL stories, and yet they're some of the best things I've ever written. Get it here. And if there's expressed interest in that, I might make it available as a paperback chapbook next year. I am also thinking about writing more of these stories, and producing a "Fractured Fairy Tales" collection in 2018. Still mulling that one over. You have to buy this version FIRST. Give me some feedback, give me something to work with. :)

I am also putting together a story collection for next year. I MAY crowdfund that one. I'll be letting you know about that, anon.

And Christmas, as I said, is coming. Want a signed book? Want a signed book plate to stick into a book you are going to obtain elsewhere? Ping me. Let's talk. But go on - buy a book. Or two. Or if you want to give me a particularly nice Christmas present, pledge to join my Patreon page for a year at $2/month. It isn't that much - and if I get a bunch of you doing that... I get to pay off my cats' vet bills. You like cats, don't you...? And you've met mine. Yes, you have. Scroll down...

The Cat House in the Cedars

That's Blackjack, up there. This fall. He's a grown cat now and yet he still chases those leaves around the deck with the aplomb of a kitten when they start coming down, doing those weird little sideways jumps that cats do when they're trying to show off to something. The leaves don't much care - but it makes me giggle. Here I was trying to make him do it and he's like, "I'm DONE now, hooman. I am resting. Please to not be annoying right now".

Just look at that face.

That ear means that he was a street cat for at least the first six months of his life. I don't know if that harsh beginning has simply cracked him wide open for love to come pouring in but this little guy is a lovebug. He HUGS me. When I go away he sleeps next to me, when I return, with one paw on me. Just to make sure I don't vanish again. Love him to bits.




I'm going to give you a quote. It's from one of my books. I would be DELIGHTED if you know and recognise it (I'll remove any character names from the snippet. No point in making it TOO easy ...). I will tell you if you are right in the next newsletter...

The opening quote is was from "Secrets of Jin Shei" The second quote was from "Embers of Heaven"

Here's the new one?:

"It was hard to see it when down there, part of the thousand sof  milling human beings penned in by streets and walls and harbor guards. But from up here it all looked familiar to Simonis, every single stone and cobble and mule's bray and mosaic tessera of it. It lay as though in the palm of her hand, this place they called the City of Gold, and somehow she knew it. She knew it. She was too young to understand the feeling or to shape it into something coherent or profound. But standing high above Visant and looking down upon it, Simonis summarized it to herself with simple, forthright logic, a single thought that was formed in the clarity of a child's mind as yet unburdened with too many layers of adult copmplexity and complication. A single word.


 She had been born in a small town far from this place, but that was barely a memory now, and she let it go without grief, without sadness, without regret. It might never have existed at all.

This did. This place. This great city at her feet.

She was home."

 Have another go. :)


Talk to you soon -

The Duchess




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