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Margaret Atwood has just been named as the first contributor to an astonishing new public artwork, The Future Library project, Alison Flood reports at The Guardian.

The project began quietly with the planting of a forest of 1,000 trees just outside Oslo. Every year until 2114 one writer will be invited to contribute a new text to the collection, and in 2114 the trees will be cut down to provide the paper for the texts to be printed – and, finally, read.
Margaret AtwoodMargaret Atwood with artist Katie Paterson near where the Future Library trees will be planted. Photograph: Bjørvika Utviklingay

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QUIZ: What children’s book character are you?
The Last SamuraiThey taught us to love adventure, the New York Public Library says. They taught us to yearn for the stars, how to be strong, and what it means to have compassion.

We might be all grown up, but the characters from our favorite children’s books will stay with us forever.

Me? I’m the girl from Charlotte’s Web:  “You’re Charlotte! Practical and compassionate, you are sure to build friendships wherever you go. While you have many talents and you’re known for being clever, your primary joy is helping the people close to you.”

Which one are you most like?

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Famous Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Reflections on the value of recording our inner lives from Woolf, Thoreau, Sontag, Emerson, Nin, Plath, selected by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings.
Oscar WildeOscar Wilde, a man of strong opinions and even stronger passions, exercised his characteristic wit in The Importance of Being Earnest

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

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50 Essential Cult Novels

Just what is a cult novel? Emily Temple asks at Flavorwire. Well, she says, like so many literary terms, the edges blur whenever you try to look right at them, but in the end, you sort of know one when you read one. You can decide whether they are “essential.”

For example:
Masters of AtlantisMasters of Atlantis, Charles Portis — Now here’s a triple-whammy: a cult novel by a decidedly cult author that is also about a cult. Doesn’t get any better than that. Portis saw a little uptick in popularity after the adaptation of True Grit hit the big screens, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not enough. This is probably the most hilarious book that you’ve never read, and it’s not even his best one.
Kindred, Octavia ButlerKindred, Octavia Butler — Why is Octavia Butler still such a cult author? I couldn’t tell you. At least the cult seems to be slowly growing — that’s what happens when everyone who picks up one of her books falls totally in love with her.

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Sweden is running out of garbage

The country recycles or reuses an incredible 99 percent of its waste, the Intelligent Optimist reports.. It has become so good at managing waste, they now have to import garbage from the UK, Italy, Norway and Ireland to feed the country’s waste-to-energy plants.

Dreadnoughtus may be the biggest dinosaur ever
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The healing power of dogs
Healer dogsFrom their presence at healing temples in the ancient world to their work as service animals, dogs can cure what ails humans. – Photo by Fotolia/Tifonimages

Dogs can not only be used to find drugs or find missing people, they can detect cancer. with up to 98 percent accuracy.

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Book wisdom:If trouble comes when you least expect it then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.” ~ The Road, Cormac McCarthy

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