Skype visits for schools, clubs


Skype Visits

One of the best ways for writers and readers to connect is via a Skype video chat. Session usually lass around 30 minutes and I do them for a very nominal fee.

If you are a teacher interested in having me talk to your class, all you need to do is buy at least one of my young adult WORLDWEAVERS books for your classroom or library.

An adult book club wishing me to talk to their group  just needs to buy at least one of my books.

If you’re interested, Email me for full particulars.

The WORLDWEAVERS books can be seen here. A tri-fold Readers Guide for the books is available either by snail mail or as a downloadable pdf.

What critics have said about the WORLDWEAVERS series:

“The Worldweavers books have the deft touch of a true classic.” --Glenda Larke, author of The Mirage Makers trilogy

“Combines elements of magic, culture, and spirituality with a firm grounding in the real world of Thea as she struggles to find her identity in her family and in the world of magic.” —Teri S. Lesesne, VOYA (starred review)

“I highly suggest that everyone, especially fans of Harry Potter and books like it, head out to the book store in the near future and pick up this Trilogy.” –Book Girl Reviews

You can read critics comments on several of my other books in the section “Critics say...” at the right.

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