My Books

I have written and published more than a hundred short stories and dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, many in multiple editions, domestic and foreign. Secrets of Jin-shei, published in the U.S. by HarperCollins, for example, has been published 13 languages. – so far.

Here you will find descriptions of my books in the following categories.

The Were Chronicles My newest YA series about a world in which Weres live in an uneasy relationship to normals in a society which barely tolerates them. The Weres are severely restricted and face constant persecution. Three books: Random, Wolf, and Shifter.

Novels  Abducticon, Midnight at Spanish Gardens, The Secrets of Jin-shei, Embers of Heaven, Letters from the Fire, The Hidden Queen, Changer of Days.

Worldweavers  YA fantasy series a teenage mage and American gods in the cyber age.

Non-fiction  Houses in Africa, a story of growing up in Africa; Shoes & Ships & Sealing Wax, a collection of essays.

Anthologies  An anthology that I conceived and edited, as well as anthologies in which my stories have appeared.

The Triads  Collections of my short stories.