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Minolta DSCI am Alma Alexander and my greatest joy, my greatest passion, comes in building my own worlds. I have written and published well over two million words, most about places which never existed before I imagined them into being.

I was born in a town on the banks of the Danube in a country which no longer exists. When I was ten, I left the country of my birth, never to live there again. I have lived in five countries on four continents and now spend a good deal of my time in the realm of Cyberspace.

More than a score of my books are in print, including my YA series, Worldweavers, which Voya has recommended for those suffering from Harry Potter withdrawal. One of my novels, The Secrets of Jin-shei, is set in the country of Syai, a place which invokes imperial China but one I created from love and imagination. Published in 14 languages, it has touched readers around the world. Just recently, for example, a young woman talked excitedly about it in a video on her blog. I think she liked it, but since it was in Portuguese….

When I am not building my own new worlds, I read other authors’ books and embroider. I like music ranging from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to Dvorak’s New World Symphony, animals, coffee, chocolate, snow, velvet. I dislike snakes, things with crunchy exoskeletons or more than four legs, high humidity, asparagus, and waiting.

I am a punaholic, a chronic worrier, sometimes honest to the point of being tactless. I’m sentimental and remember detailed trivia like dates, old song lyrics, and the occasional complete movie.

I was born on the fifth day of July (the day after America), six years before man walked on the moon, and I am married to a man who wooed me over the Internet and lured me to America. I am owned by two cats.

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