Who’s Alma…

AlmaI am a woman by God or nature, a writer by profession, a scientist by education, a duchess by historical accident, childless by choice.

I read because I love stories, I write because I love to build worlds and spin dreams like the Fates spin lives. I blog to share my eclectic interests — books and writing, travels on earth and in space, puns, animals, photography, the environment ….

I have whimpered at perfect mountains, cried at the sight of bright cold stars in winter skies, and laughed in pure delight at the sound of rain on the roof. I can hear souls singing, hearts breaking, and trees breathing.

Welcome aboard. It all lives here :

My Blog — Essays, news stories and links about the writing life and the publishing world, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

You can explore my books, fiction and non-fiction, see reviews and interviews, read a free sample of my work, check out my schedule, read my biography, and learn how to contact me. See the links at the top.



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